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Amazonia I (Drawing Meditations), 2023.
Homemade inks of Amazonian edible plants on paper: açaí fruit (Euterpe oleracea), bacaba / white açaí (Oenocarpus bacaba),
cariru (Talinum fruticosum), jambú (Acmella oleracea), and maniva / cassava (Manihot esculenta). 60 drawings, 30 x 21cm each.

Drawing Meditations is the name I give for the practice of drawing as a form of meditation, in which there is no search for an outcome. In this practice, instead of looking for “what” to draw, I am just looking “to draw”, and to enjoy this activity in the present. In order to do that, I create methods, tools, and materials that will make the act of drawing by itself an interesting activity, instead of what of its subject, or what the drawing represents. For the example above, I needed to demonstrate to my art students in the Brazilian Amazon that it is possible to make affordable and sustainable inks directly from local Amazonian edible plants. 

© Frederico Câmara 2023.



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